Membership Scholarships

Membership Scholarships



Scholarships are available for memberships and Kidstop, based on the county of the Club and income level. Scholarships range from free to half price.

 After School Membership


An annual membership is only $40 per child. This fee includes all after school activities.



Our Clubs offer programs for a range of passions and hobbies. From the arts, to athletics leagues, to science experiments, we have it all. We also offer free tutoring and daily homework help.

How Scholarships Work


We work with local United Ways to offer reduced or free membership pricing. Depending on the county in which your Club is located, your membership pricing will vary. Paperwork will be required to qualify for the scholarship, which includes pay stubs and other income documentation. To apply, simply fill out the form below.

Lake County Clubs


Lake Area United Way offers free memberships to qualifying families based on family size and income.



Family Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
2 $16,460 $33,920
3 $20,780 $41,560
4 $25,100 $50,200
5 $29,420 $58,840
6 $33,470 $66,940
7 $38,070 $76,140
8 $42,380 $84,760
9 $46,700 $93,380

Porter County Clubs


Our Porter County Clubs work with Porter County United Way to provide free memberships. To qualify, a family must fall within the monthly income below.

Family Size Monthly Income
2 Under $2,442
3 Under $3,077
4 Under $3,712
5 Under $4,346
6 Under $4,981
7 Under $5,616
8 Under $6,250
9 Under $6,885

How to Apply


After filling out the form below and including all needed documentation, you will hear from our scholarship staff. Be sure to include all information and documents to help expedite your application.

To apply for membership scholarships, please fill out the form and return to