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At Boys & Girls Clubs, we understand the marketplace is filled with more white noise than ever before. This fact makes it more difficult for your brand message to penetrate and resonate with your target market. Additionally, customer loyalty has all but died as your potential clients seek out the cheapest price to fit their budget. While “value” and “customer service” are buzzwords consumers often use, they also count on reviews and word-of-mouth referrals in their quest for investing in a brand they can TRUST.


Your investment in a partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of GREATER Northwest Indiana provides triple the impact of other sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Here’s how:

  • BGC GREATER NWI has direct access and high brand visibility to business leaders, Regional decision makers, 10,000+ Club Member Families and a deep network of Boys & Girls Clubs Alumni.
  • BGC GREATER NWI provides a platform on which customers and potential customers can build loyalty with your brand. Because our brand is highly visible, our sponsors earn loyalty because of your investment in this partnership. creates the opportunity to cut through a noisy market place to achieve more opportunity for sales and revenue.
  • When you align your brand with the Boys & Girls Clubs brand, you earn the trust of current and potential customers. Your brand receives heightened exposure because you immediate become the company with a heart. Consumers in the region become more aware of your brand because you care about the families/youth of Northwest Indiana. You are putting your money where your mouth is and investing in the FUTURE of our great communities. Research shows this type of philanthropic investment earns trust and is a great way to maximize exposure for your brand.

As we build our new organization and partnerships grow, here are some generous sponsors who have supported our organizations the past few years.

Life Changers

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Great News Media

Times Media

Youth Ambassadors

Awards Network

Buffalo Wild Wings

Cargill, Inc

First Midwest Bank

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