GEM Donors

Will YOU Become a GEM?

A GEM is a donor who Gives Every Month. A monthly gift helps support our programming to provide the very best for our youth. Serving over 1,700 kids a day, our Clubs need GEMs like you.

Think of this as a monthly subscription to providing Great Futures for Northwest Indiana youth. Each month you make a difference in the lives of kids in your own neighborhood with things like:

$20 per month can provide year-long memberships for 6 youth on scholarships.

$50 per month can provide the cost for 3 members to attend every field trip during the summer.

$100 per month can provide a daily, morning breakfast bar for 66 kids for one month.

$500 per month can provide over two months of fuel to transport our members to a safe place after school.

$2,000 per month can provide the tools needed for a staffed homework classroom in a Club for one whole year!