Fegely STEM

Join our Digital STEM Contest held for Fegely students only!

Win prizes and earn up to $120 in spending money!


About the Program:

  1. Parent/Guardian needs to register with the form below.
  2. You and your parent will receive a phone call and an email with further instructions.
  3. Have fun completing the activities from the My.Future platform. When you finish an activity, Upload your project to the website and click the I’m Done button to notify the staff. They will approve your project and you will earn a star.
  4.  You will receive one star for each activity completed. You can earn as many as you want per day, but only the first one will count for that day. (45 activities = 45 days of participation)
  5.  After completing 45 activities, you will be eligible to spend your digital money to purchase something from our catalog. You can purchase one or more items of a total value of $120.
  6.  The purchased items will be shipped to your home address.
  7. Additionally, after completing 45 activities you will automatically get a free Club membership for one year (value of $40).


We have 20 grand prizes left, so hurry and register, and start earning your stars.