Closures FAQ

Posted: March 27, 2020


Our Club members are our family – and we want to safeguard them and their households to the best of our best abilities. As you know, Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced additional actions for our state to protect and support Indiana residents during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Our organization implemented Club closures because we knew doing so was in the best interest of your children. During this unprecedented time, we have enhanced our procedures and protocols, including cleaning and disinfecting Clubs, as well as communicating with staff best practices of hygiene and social distancing to do our part in flattening the pandemic curve.


As this virus has caused much uncertainty and schools are now closed through May 1, our Clubs also will be closed until then. 

Our organization is evaluating our Club services and how we can remain connected with our Club members by providing them with the best possible Club Experience during their out-of-school time.


Beginning soon, we will be providing Club services virtually! 

That’s right – your child(ren) will be able to participate in homework help/tutoring sessions, career and workforce sessions, and SMART Kids with Club staff they know so well. Additionally, we will continue to share fun STEM and healthy lifestyle activities virtually so that your child(ren) can remain active and curious like they are at our Clubs.


Our virtual programs connect with Club staff and will be conducted through our Clubs’ Facebook pages. If you have not followed your Club’s group page – I encourage you to do so! We will be providing you more information about virtual programming and how your child(ren) can interact.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana knows the value of out-of-school time for kids, and we are dedicated to helping our Club members stay on course toward their GREAT Future.


Thank you!

Posted: March 13, 2020


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana’s prime concern is safety. It is in the best interest of our Club members and their families to limit social interaction during this time.

Beginning Monday, March 16 until, at least, April 3 our Clubs will be closed. Our organization’s protocols are to follow the closures of school districts. Our Clubs will remain closed for the length a school district is closed.


If you have further questions, please email


  1. Will Clubs be open during school closures?

If a school district or a school (i.e. charter school) closes that is served by a Club, then that Club also will close.


  1. What are options for my child(ren) during Club closures?

Our organization cannot make specific recommendations on where your child(ren) should go during this time; and we cannot speak how other out-of-school services are monitoring their programs and environment. While we understand this is an inconvenience, we have to consider the safety of all our Club members and their families by taking extra precautions. Boys & Girls Clubs employees are not available for hire to babysit Club members during these closures.


  1. Are you cancelling larger Club events with external audiences (i.e. league tournaments, Club fundraiser).

Yes – all extracurricular Club events (leagues, special events, rentals, Club Advisory and other meetings) are cancelled until further notice.


  1. What if I paid for Kidstop or spring break fees already?

If you have pre-paid Kidstop or Spring Break fees, we are happy to refund such fees or apply them for future weeks.