Boys & Girls Clubs help kids achieve great futures by providing a safe and fun space, an engaging Club Experience, and caring professionals to guide them along the way.

Your local Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana offers 10 Club locations and programs that promote: Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, Good Character, and Special Programs ranging from music creation to programming.

Our Formula for Positive Youth Development

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana provides targeted programs to young people who need us most. The Clubhouse environment fulfills the following elements that foster effective youth development and empower our young people to succeed:

  • A Safe place to play, laugh, discover and learn during out-of-school/after-school and summer
  • Fun activities that foster connections to peers and staff
  • Life Changing programs that help youth advance in three key outcome areas
  • Opportunities to build new skills so that kids can succeed and receive recognition for personal accomplishments
  • Ongoing Supportive relationships with caring adults that foster a sense of belonging, responsibility, civility, and civic engagement

Our Key Outcome Areas

The positive, enriching Club experience helps each of our members make progress toward our priority outcomes:

  • Academic Success programs ensure that our members have the support they need to succeed throughout their academic life and graduate from high school ready to pursue college or a career
  • Good Character & Citizenship programs offer our members opportunities to develop leadership capabilities and make a difference in their community
  • Healthy Lifestyles programs encourage our members to adopt a healthy diet, practice positive lifestyle choices and make a lifelong commitment to fitness