My Club Story: Ryan Bothwell

My Club Story: Ryan Bothwell

My Club Story: Ryan Bothwell

Ryan Bothwell has always had a passion for teaching kids. He comes from a family of educators, his father teaching for 36 years and his sister in her 17th year. He also loves spending time with his six nieces and nephews.

“Growing up, I always had friends and kids around.”

Bothwell’s girlfriend, a Club alumna from Cedar Lake, introduced him to former Club Director, Kris Balog. He began as Education Coordinator for two years, and is now stepping into the Program Director role.

“The kids put a smile on your face all the time. You come to work and it’s fun. You can’t say that when you go to work in a lot of places.”

A former physical education teacher, Bothwell’s favorite thing about his job is being able to play with kids at the gym. He also has a collection of sneakers, many of them Jordans. “When Michael Jordan was winning NBA championships, my mom would always buy them for me, because I always took care of them” he said. “I’d wear them and wipe them down, and I still do that to this day.”

Bothwell said Club staff are role models to a lot of Club members, especially those from single parent homes. He said the kids motivate him when at his job at the Club.

“If it wasn’t for the kids, I wouldn’t be here,” he said. “I’d like to teach a kid a math problem he didn’t know how to do or fix his jump shot.