My Club Story: Raeisha Knight

My Club Story: Raeisha Knight

Raeisha Knight first learned how to swim and work on a computer back when she was a Club kid. Now she works at the Gary Club as a Youth Development Professional, teaching and advising kids. She attended the previous Gary Club site when she was a youth and moved to Georgia after graduating from high school in 2010. Her mother’s illness prompted her to move back to Gary, and she began to be involved in the local community.

“My grandmother used to ask me, ‘What’s your purpose for being here on Earth?’” Knight said. “I’ve always felt that I wanted to help people, listen and give them good advice.”

Knight runs power hour after school, which helps kids with homework. She uses little blocks to help teach multiplication to kids. She said the purpose of Boys & Girls Club staff is to be there for the youth. She still remembers the warm embraces she received as a Club kid and wants to show kids what she had.
The person whom Knight, as a Club kid, admired the most was Rose Joiner, who is the long-standing Club Director in Gary. Knight said Joiner is a very understanding person, and she enjoys working with her and Program Director Regina Cavazos.

“They believe in you and have faith in you,” Knight said. “They strive to keep you going.”

Knight said she has new programs in mind that she wants to get started, such as cooking, sewing and poetry. In addition to working at Boys & Girls Club, she is a freshman at Ivy Tech studying early childhood development. In the future, she wants to start her own daycare or youth organization.

“The major thing I learned when working with children is that it’s all about patience,” she said.