Valparaiso – Joining the Club

Valparaiso Information:

Who Can Belong

All boys & girls currently attending Kindergarten through 12th grade can be members of the Boys & Girls Club. Youth enrolled in Kindergarten can become members in the fall they start school.



Membership fee is $35 per child and is good for one year. Membership fee assistance is available based on need. We also offer assistance for some programs which require fees, based on need. Speak with the Membership Secretary or another staff person if you are in need of assistance with any fee. Membership fees are non-refundable.


Guest Policy

Guests are welcome to come for one free visit. After their visit they must become members in order to participate.


Safe Passage Policy

For members under the age of 12, a parent, guardian or other pre-authorized adult must retrieve the member from the Club. Members age 12 and older may leave the Club unescorted with written permission from a parent or guardian. Members 12 and older may also escort other members of their household from the Club. No member, regardless of age, will be allowed to return to the Club once they leave the premises for the day. The Club will not physically restrain a member that insists on leaving the Club, nor block the facility’s exits. Therefore, it is each parent’s responsibility to discuss the Club’s Safe Passage Policy with his or her child and ensure that he or she complies. The Club will not accept responsibility for members that leave the Club unsupervised and in breach of this policy. The Club does, however, reserve the right to discipline members that leave unescorted without written permission, up to and including suspension and termination of membership.


On-site Registration

You are always welcome to come in during club hours to complete a membership application and pay for your membership(s). A Club membership form can be printed and completed ahead of time to save time. You may pay on-site by cash, check, or with a credit card. To download the registration form, click here.


Online Registration

*Please note, we are not currently taking online registrations. Please use the paper form and return to the Club for the time being. We are currently switching registration platforms. Thank you.


If you are renewing a membership(s), or are already familiar with our organization, you may use our new online registration service. The system is run by “nFocus Software,” a name you will see at the top of each page. You may complete your online registration either at home or at the Club.


Please note that if any child in your family has ever had a membership, you are already in our system and are considered a renewal. If you do not already have a username and password, the system can send them to you.


If you would like to use our online system but are on either free or reduced lunch, we ask that you please complete the online form, save it, and then visit the club to make payment. You may also simply come in and register on-site. Please read all instructions within the system carefully.