Valparaiso Club History and Stats

Valparaiso Information:

Club History

1970 Opened as the Valparaiso Community Boys’ Club. Our first home was Westminster Hall in the First Presbyterian Church basement at 51 N. Franklin Street.


In December 1972, the Club was moved from Franklin Street to the old Gardner School at 354 W. Jefferson Street.


Girls were admitted to the club in 1974 in common membership with the boys.


In June of 1976, Chuck Leer (Executive Director of the Montgomery County Boys Club), was hired as ExecutiveDirector.


In 1977, a gymnasium was planned and funded by the John Will Anderson Foundation.


In 1985, the mini-gym was added to the north side of the gymnasium, and the Club was renovated inside and out.


In 2000, the Club was given air conditioning for the first time since it was first built as an elementary school in 1899.


In 2012, the big gym was completely renovated along with the mini-gym also being improved


Club Statistics

Facility Size: 22,000 square feet; including Gamesrooms, Computer Lab, Link & Learn Room, Arts & Crafts, Kitchen/Lounge, Gym, Mini Gym and Senior Room (ages 12 and over).


Club Open: 30 hours per week, 231 days per year