South Haven Club History and Stats

South Haven Information:

Club History

In October, 1979 the South Haven Club opened its doors to boys ages 6-14. First location? The clubhouse at the South Haven Little League field.


In the summer of 1981, a grant was received from the John Will Anderson foundation to construct a 16,000 square foot clubhouse at 723 Long Run Road.


In June 1982, the South Haven Boys Club’s doors were open to the youth of South Haven. The club was open to girls on Monday, to boys on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and to girls and boys on Friday.


In December 1994, the Board of Directors approved a 62×41 addition to the east end of the South Haven Club gamesroom to serve as a multipurpose room, and the remodeling of an unused locker room to house a teen center.


In January of 2002, each Club in Porter County received 10 computers for their computer labs. The state of the art computers were donated by Power Up, a national partnership of computer hardware and software companies attempting to help bridge the digital divide.


Club Statistics

  • Facility size: 18,000 square feet; including Gamesroom, Learning Center, Computer Lab, Link N’ Learn Room, Arts & Crafts, Kitchen/Lounge, Gym, Mini Gym and Teen Room.
  • Club open: 30 hours per week, 231 days per year
  • Club membership: 777
  • Ages served: 5 – 18 (children entering Kindergarten through seniors in high school)
  • Age breakdown: 51% 5 – 9 year olds, 32% 10 – 12 year olds, 17% Teens
  • Gender: 57% male, 43% female
  • Average daily attendance: 151